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The sub-costal angle is acute although the thorax is shallow in anterior posterior dimension particularly in the region of the sternum bone. Bones are light, but also variable in length, for stature in this component has a wide range. Head and trunk Features are finely etched with a slight chin. Brow can be large, the cranium and brain very extensive. The thyroid gland is prominent, and the neck hangs forward from rounded shoulders. The trunk is shallow and flat, the abdomen protruding in front of the thorax in profile.

It is also required in the design of very specialised clothing which may also be protective or insulating. There are always a series of body postures that a volunteer subject is instructed to assume for measurement purposes. The body postures are a first attempt at standardization between measurers. The variance discovered in each range of measurements is then directly related to body form and not to its movement. Measurements need to be made from, or between located landmarks on the body surface.

The body posture, or position, of volunteer subjects must also have careful consideration. This may involve the director of the survey and an assistant working with a subject for some days prior to the instructions being written up. The author has found that the arrangement of the subject's head in the Frankfurt plane (see Figure 34) can bring significant changes in posture as would be expected, and therefore in measurement result. The quantity of change in measurement result can be quite surprising.

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