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By Robert S. Curl

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This guide is meant to aid engineers and technicians with a history of use of temperature, strain, humidity, ventilation, and flue gasoline tools, to interpret their readings of box measurements. This selection will point out the deficiencies of the procedure verified and strategies of correction. development of operation almost always ends up in aid of application expenses. easy monitors and directions will permit non-technical body of workers to function apparatus successfully at minimal power bills. In a number of construction installations, this kind of keep an eye on might retailer up to seventy five% of upkeep time since you can research the situation of the process with the pc sooner than you ship out the upkeep guy to make changes. additionally, you'll be in a position to predetermine the precise challenge in order that an identical upkeep guy won't have to spend time checking a couple of goods until eventually he pinpoints the trouble. the data during this booklet will support development vendors, upkeep team of workers, contractors, and technicians in settling on the operation of energy-using structures and techniques of lowering power intake.

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Dryers (1) Temperature Control on Dryers Temperature control of dryers is essential, not only for energy use but for the condition of the materials being dried, since certain synthetic fabrics are seriously affected by high temperatures. Investigate the possibility of operating at a lower temperature for a longer period of time. (2) Time-Cycle Dryers Check to see if the dryer is completely full during each cycle, rather than using it partially filled which will waste fuel for heating. (3) Temperature Control on Ironers Ironers, either direct fired or steam heated, should have accurate temperature control, not only to prevent energy waste but to protect fabrics being handled.

1c) Heat radiated to occupants from office equipment, lights, and machinery may require lower room temperatures or spot cooling. (1d) Radiation from warm windows, walls, ceilings and even floors can upset comfort conditions and may require temperature changes in certain areas, some periods of the day. (2a) Ceiling air outlets induce about 40% room air so the supply air fed into the area is warmer than that in the duct. Adjustable directional outlets may be better than fixed pattern so that air can be directed to usable areas.

Many of the recommendations have been implemented with equivalent or better operational savings. Page x ANALYSIS OF FIELD MEASUREMENTS OF AIR CONDITIONING TO REDUCE ENERGY COSTS The lowest cost method of reducing utility bills is to improve the operation of existing equipment. After the first five years, nearly all systems slip in efficiency. Like an automobile, the system needs an analysis, adjustment and retrofit. This manual describes how to accomplish the programs to correct the operation of air conditioning equipment and accessory ducts, piping, machinery and other devices.

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