Chester A. Arnold's An Introduction to Paleobotany PDF

By Chester A. Arnold

ISBN-10: 1406718610

ISBN-13: 9781406718614

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Foerstia ohioensis similar but the longer of the sometimes lobes like a curves is two inward The shepherd's crosier. bodies of both consist of several layers of heavily cutiriized and within the tissue of the cutinizcd spores are cells, body borne in tetrads. (B) (A) Fid. 20. (A) Foerstia ohioensis. from photograph by White. X Drawn about 10. Sporocarpon and Foerstia arc found in the Upper Devonian black shales of Kentucky and OHio. Although their affinities X about 10. are unknown, they are similar in appearance to certain modern brown algae that inhabit the zone between the tides, but being cutinized were able to withstand longer exposure to Differ in the dry air.

The genus is named from the living BRYOPHYTA Fossil remains of the Bryophyta are rare, a fact which may seem strange in view of their abundance at the present time but which is not difficult to explain when the very fragile nature of the plant body is considered. was known concerning liverworts in the PaleoThe names Palaeohepatica and Marchantites had thalloid objects bearing some superficial resemblance to Until 1925 very and Mesozoic. zoic been applied to little most instances their affinities were admittedly uncerdate the only Paleozoic liverworts of which we possess any amount of knowledge are from the Middle and Upper Coal Measures These are all referred to the form genus Hepaticites, of Great Britain.

London Philos. , B 226, 1936. CHAPTER III THE NONVASCULAR PLANTS Organic remains in the rocks furnish conclusive evidence that plants belonging to the division Thallophyta were in existence ages before the initial appearance of vascular plants. In fact, approximately threefourths of known geologic time had elapsed before the latter group came What the first plants were like and when they came into being are integral parts of the problem of the origin of life itself, whose beginnings are blotted out by the imperfections of the fossil record.

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