New PDF release: Against The Giants: The Liberation Of Geoff (AD&D Advanced

By Sean Reynolds

ISBN-10: 0786914130

ISBN-13: 9780786914135

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This male drow also has a ring and lesser tentacle rod, but this rod has arms of more reddish color and three simultaneous hits causes total weakness in either the right or left arm, making that member useless for nine rounds. It is otherwise like the other of its kind. His robe of black has pale green trim. The spells he has prepared are as follows: 1st level--cause light wounds( x2), curse, endure cold,fear 2nd level-chant, hold person( X2), silence 15' radius. Evil High Priestess: This strangely attractive female is dressed in silver-embroidered black garments, with a small black metal cap which allows her silver hair to float free.

The altar will return to its dead state, and atop of it will be the thing most wished for by the p a r t y 4 1 something which will enable them to attain the end or state they most desire. If a second summoning of this Elder Elemental God is made within the same day, it will act as follows (roll ld12): . 10. Servants’ & Thralls’ Worship Area: The polished floor of red and black hornblende seems to flow between the obsidian pillars which close off this area. Each of these pillars radiates a n aura of mild fear in a two-foot radius and if one is touched the creature who comes into contact with it must actually save versusfiar or run away in absolute panic.

Each of the Dark Elves carries ldlO pp per level. Remember the spell abilities of these creatures! Kept: Loose (in pile) 22,475 gp Loose Note that all worthwhile treasures are covered by heaped coi and that a thorough search through this pile will take a coins, very vel long time! In addition, Brazzemal has six hundred and six sixty-six gems (worth 1gp each) pressed into his stomach to protect it. ) will certainly destroy &n from 60% to 90% of these gems as well as wreaking havoc with the horde as a whole.

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