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Influence another segment and force its splitting. This may not only abate the performance of segment splittings but also lower the loading factor of segments. Besides, a K-D-B tree directory requires complex searches for queries quantifying only one attribute. As an extension of the fc-d trie, Orenstein proposed the Z-order that maps a multidimensional space to a one dimensional space. br1b01b\--br1b°2· υ τη—lum—1 ' LTl-1 °m-V where fti(fc;) = bl0b\ . . ft^_i(6} G {0,1}). Reading this sequence as a binary number, we can map (fco, & i , .

All rights of reproduction in any form reserved. ISBN 0-12-037101-4 30 Advances in Software Science and Technology 1, 1989 directory directory segment pointer chain D^> overflow segment segment (a) static file segmentation directory directory segment di=> splitting overflow (b) adaptive segmentation scheme Fig. 1 A static file segmentation scheme and an adaptive file segmentation scheme. An adaptive segmentation scheme, however, does not presuppose any prior knowledge of the record value distribution or the maximum number of records.

12] Robinson, J. : The K-D-B-Tree: a Search Structure for Large Multidimensional Dynamic Indexes, SIGMOD (1981), pp. 10-18. : Adaptive Segmentation Schemes for Large Relational Database Machines, Database Machines, Leilich, H. O. and Missikoff, M. ), Springer-Verlag, 1983, pp. 293-318. : MPDC: Massive Parallel Architecture for Very Large Databases, Proc. InVl Conf. on Fifth Generation Computer Systems (1984), pp. 113-137. Initially published in "Computer Software", Vol. 2, No. 2, in Japanese. Adaptive Optimal Segmentation Schemes for Multiattribute Files Yuzuru Tanaka Electrical Engineering Department Hokkaido University Sapporo 060 Japan 53 Methods for Transforming Attribute Grammars into Efficient Action Routines Takehiro Tokuda Summary.

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