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By Lester Sumrall; World Harvest School of Continuous Learning

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I looked at him for a moment and said, "I'm already rich in Christ. I do have some friends, but I wouldn't sell any of them to you for a million dollars. And furthermore, if I signed that I'd be a liar. " He said, "You're the only preacher that ever refused to take it. " That is where you have to be like Abraham. " Well, He has to; He has no option, you see. The devil would like to trap every preacher in America if he could, and he has three hooks he catches them with. The first is self-adulation— showing how glorious he is.

I knelt down in a paddy bed and said, "God, I'm not worthy to be a missionary. I'm not worthy to even be a Christian. I am such a mean person. I got upset at one of your servants that very likely was right, and I do not know this man he is talking about. He may have done all these things, and Lord, forgive me, if you can. " As I wept and laid down in a Tibetan rice field, suddenly the glory of God hit me, and I began for the first time in my life to prophesy. It flowed out of my belly like a river.

He said, "In our headquarters we have decided to do something for you. " Now when strangers want to make you rich, you had better look under the cover and see what is under there, or you are not very smart. So he shuffled his insurance papers around and said, "We are also going to give you a policy, so if you die your family gets a lot of money. " "Very little. " He had it already written with my name on it, as if I had written it. The letter stated that I was to give him my total mailing list, that I had stock in this company, and that I recommended they immediately dial this number and there would be a man at their door to sell them stock and also to sell them policies.

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Abraham : faith under seige by Lester Sumrall; World Harvest School of Continuous Learning

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