New PDF release: A Woman's Journey Through the Philippines

By Florence Kimball Russel

ISBN-10: 0559946325

ISBN-13: 9780559946325

Even if we're selecting it up, or paying it out; if it is mendacity inert, coil upon coil, within the tanks like a few nice gorged anaconda, or gliding alongside the propelling equipment into another tank, or off into the ocean at our bow or stern; no matter if the dynamometer indicates its pressure to be nice or small; no matter if we're grappling for it, or underrunning it; if it is a shore finish to be landed, or a deep-sea splice to be made, the cable is certain to strengthen such a lot alarming indicators, and a few realized surgeon needs to always take a seat within the testing-room, his finger at the cable's pulse, taking its temperature now and then as though it have been a fractious baby with a nasty assault of measles, the eruption as a consequence being faults or breaks or leakages or kinks. [C:\Users\Microsoft\Documents\Calibre Library]

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Sure, St. " demanded several Irishmen, truculently, their ire aroused at the invidiousness of the allusion. "Because St. Pathrick, God love him, aint never been counted as ranking alongside of Christ, and this here Garge Washington seems to be of more importance than ayther of thim. Why, on Christmas we didn't have no holiday--divil a bit of it--just a bite more to ate for dinner, with no shore leave, and the haythens working us and working thimsilves all day as if it had been an ordinary Chuesday 'stead of Christmas, which is Christ's birthday, while on Garge's birthday the whole ship cilibrates.

As to Cebu's future, it is assured, for the harbour is excellent, and, although not large, is well sheltered from both monsoons and has good anchorage, so the place is growing quite rapidly and should in time rank next in importance to Manila. A number of "godowns," as large warehouses are called in the Philippines, were in the process of construction at the time of our visit, and so many industrial and commercial improvements were being inaugurated that my little note-book reads like a leaf from a geography--"manufactures--imports--exports--chief industries," and the like.

Nearly all the Signal Corps employees, being men of social standing because of their really princely salaries, fifteen gold dollars a month, sported such suits, which with the addition of stockings and neat tan shoes, instead of bare feet thrust carelessly into chinelas, gave them the appearance of belonging to the native four hundred, any one of them looking eligible for the high office of presidente or secretario. There must have been many a flutter under modest panuelas when the sixty young swells struck Zamboanga that day, with money sufficient to buy unlimited sorbetas and the little rice potas so dear to the heart of Philippine maidens.

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