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IV] 'JYpes of Tepals Alternative Terms SepaloidIPetaloid Meaning of Alternative Terms 1. Sepaloid. , Date palm. 2. Petalold. , Asphodelus. Papaver. 2. Monadelphous. , China rose, Achyranthes, Abutilon (Fig. 32). 3. Diadelphous. , Pea (Fig. 32). 4. Polyadelphous. , Citrns, Bombax malabarica (Fig. 32). S. Syngenesious. , Sonchus (Fig. 32). 6. Synandrous. 32). [V] Aestivation This is similar to that described under calyx [III]. Use the same description. 10. ANDROECIUM Androecium. The third or male whorl of flower; made of stamens.

Succulent. , Bryopltyllum. [XII] Other Special Characters SPIKE RACEME CORYMB Inflorescence. A cluster of flowers or arrangement of flowers on floral axis. Alternative Terms Racemose/ Cymose/ Special type/ Solitary flowers. (1) If racemose whether a Raceme/ Panicle/ Spike/ Compound Spike/ Strobile/ Spikelet/ Catkin! Spadix! Corymb/ Compound corymb/ UmbeV Compound umbeV Capitate/ Capitulum. (2) If cymose whether Uniparous (monochasial)if uniparous whether scorpioid or helicoid! Biparous (dichasial)/ Multiparous (Polychasial).

Meaning of Alternative Terms 1. Diplostemonous. , Murraya (Fig. 32). 2. Obdiplostemonous. , Geranium, Stellaria (Fig. 33). DIDYNAMOUS TETRADYNAMOUS Pig. 34. Length of stamens. [VI] Length of Filaments Alternative Terms Whether filament is long or short, also see whether all the filaments are equal in length or didynamous (2 long and 2 short) or tetradynamous (4 long and 2 short). Meaning of Alternative Terms 1. Didynamous. 34). 2. Tetradynamous. g, Mustard (Fig. 34). MONOTHECOUS DITHECOUS Fig. 35.

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