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AFTER WORLD WAR I 19 bulk of Negro troops should be used in tioned as well as it did, he added, was service units. Of combat units, those of "largely due to the influence of a few supporting types could best use Negroes, good men, [officers who] were loyal, 39 though a proportion would have to be hardworking and reliable men. . " placed in front-line organizations. He felt that a large error had been These should be confined to small units made in training Negro officers in sepaif a satisfactory method of employing rate classes: them in conjunction with larger white .

They therefore placed more than ordinary emphasis on the importance of combat service and of service under their own officers. In this view they were aided by the normal and natural tendency to consider warfare as the clash of armed divisions on the field of honor rather than as a gigantic economic and logistical struggle in which All quotations in this paragraph and the precombat units are but a small part of ceding three are from letters, William N. Colson and the total war endeavor. Without heroes A.

Plans for the use of Negroes explored various organizational possibilities. Some of these were derived from the recommendations of World War I commanders. Others came from the study of historical and sociological treatises. Still others were the products of a priori reasoning. At times, the plans were ahead of the contemporary thinking of comparable civilian institutions. Religious denominations, public school systems, and industrial plants, like the Army, had to deal with problems of racial adjustment on a broad scale.

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