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By Ivory Swenson

ISBN-10: 8132344464

ISBN-13: 9788132344469

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Positive G's above five are dangerous as they can cause you to black out. *Do not attempt without a qualified instructor present. How to Fly a Holding Pattern If you're a frequent flyer, you have probably had to "hold" at one time or another. Holding is when an airplane makes several 360° turns to avoid other aircraft or wait for a clearance to land. Although not as common now as it used to be, you may still encounter a holding request, especially if you are a pilot working on an instrument rating.

If a fire breaks out in the cabin, these materials will melt to your skin. Avoid excessive alcohol consumption before or during a flight. Alcohol impairs your ability to quickly and methodically react to the crash and evacuate the plane. Never hold your infant or toddler on your lap. While it may be cheaper than buying a seat, your child is almost guaranteed not to survive if you are holding him or her. Get a seat for your child and use an approved child restraint system. Don’t get down on the floor of the plane.

Similarly, if the inbound leg comes out as 1 minute 30 seconds, shorten the outbound leg by the extra 30 seconds. Remember not to start timing the outbound leg until you are directly abeam the holding fix. 6. Watch your speed. Unless otherwise depicted on a chart or directed by ATC, maximum holding airspeed between the minimum holding altitude and 6000ft is 200 knots indicated airspeed (KIAS). Between 6001 and 14,000ft, don't fly faster than 230 KIAS and above 14,000ft, maximum airspeed is 265 KIAS.

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