8,789 Words of Wisdom by Barbara Ann Kipfer PDF

By Barbara Ann Kipfer

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8,789 phrases Of knowledge is brimming with nice suggestion, maxims, sayings and saws, proverbs, precepts and truths-8,789 of them, to be targeted. flip to any spot within the e-book and there's the key to dwelling a happier, more fit, saner, extra efficient lifestyles. discover ways to unlearn. have fun with the questions up to the solutions. Stretch past what's cozy. There are folksy expressions polished tender through the years: in case you imagine you could, you could. event is the simplest instructor. costs: those that understand do not converse, those that communicate do not know (Lao-tzu). no matter if you are on target, you will get run over should you simply sit down there (Will Rogers). unforeseen turns: hear along with your eyes. common sense comes from event and adventure comes from undesirable judgment. Taken jointly it is the final resource of self-improvement.

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8,789 Words of Wisdom by Barbara Ann Kipfer Illustrated by Matt Wawiorka WORKMAN PUBLISHING, NEW YORK ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This is really a “commonplace book”—a personal journal in which quotable passages, literary excerpts, and comments are written. It evolved from notes kept by me and my husband, Paul Magoulas. Paul is equally responsible for this collection, and I thank him for all of his contributions, his enthusiasm for this book, and his love. This book is dedicated to all those people wise enough to share their guidance and to those who have brought us those words in print and other media, especially the late Sally Kovalchick, my first editor at Workman.

Like cookies and milk, peanut butter and jelly, pizza and beer Adversity is a great teacher Let your creative work be your inner playmate Being tired is just a state of mind Parents matter Learn to unlearn By asking questions you encourage other people to open up and let you in on their excitement about life React with class Don’t try to fine-tune somebody else’s view Kindness is loving people more than they deserve Winning or losing doesn’t matter— it’s how you play the game Worry and dread are a waste of time Good books are worth more than they cost It takes a lot of courage to stick up for something you believe in Work harder than the opposition Never underestimate the power of a woman A person can do himself more harm than others can do him Don’t pick your scabs Setting the wheels in motion is a great first step Hit your stride Every honest job is dignified Don’t try to force people to live as you do Good health and good sense are two of life’s greatest blessings Adversity tests whether you are what you thought your were Wonder begins everything new Honest labor needs no master We find what we look for in this world Heroes became heroes, flaws and all To delay may mean to forget Do it big or stay in bed Know your children’s friends Time is more precious than things Every man should be the intellectual proprietor of himself It is better for happiness to find you than always to be searching for it It is never too late to give up our prejudices Think for yourself Sit up straight It takes two to communicate the truth—one to speak and another to hear (Henry David Thoreau) We are all part of a large world Dirt is not dirt, only matter in the wrong place Every person has a unique past, present, and future Motives are behind everything we do It is more difficult to think than it is to react Something big can be happening to more than one person at a time When delegating, give away the power along with the job Keep asking the right questions Read for inspiration The quest for wisdom ensures survival The thinnest line is between love and hate Do not let minor stress overwhelm you Make something your specialty Experience the bravery of people who struggle for mere survival Dress for the job you want to have There may be fewer people in the country than in the city, but you get to know more people Live while you are alive A good leader is also a good follower It takes more than strength to lead The gaining of power changes every person Good friendships are equal Keep your eyes on the road Out of the blue, send a love note to someone Dare to reach out to someone you haven’t met Write down your work accomplishments Begin a program of self-mastery Carry a can-do attitude with you Experience is what you get when looking for something else Hear all and say nothing Do not believe everything you hear Do not take enjoyment from other people’s pain Be careful not to jump from the frying pan into the fire Keep your nose clean Always be a little kinder than necessary Character takes a lifetime to develop Do not gossip Enjoy the journey as much as the stay Learning from others’ experiences is easier than learning from your own Give a grateful man more than he asks Love has as many definitions as there are people in love A good friendship makes both people better people Hard work is the best investment a man can make You learn more on your own than from other people The quality of our lives depends, to a large degree, on the results of our decisions Proceed as if you’re not afraid Always keep your word Genius needs to be cultivated Strive for excellence Most of the things you worry about never happen Double-check your work Wisdom is knowing what to overlook Go with your gut feelings It just takes one decision to change your life forever Look for the favorable parts Plan ahead nightly for the next day’s work Fight fair Seek the positive elements and build on them You cannot express thanks too often Do not work just for the money You can make your dreams come true if you wake up and work Rank has its privileges Read between the lines Don’t overschedule Be inquisitive, ask many questions Sit quietly and happiness may alight upon you The greatest tragedy is indifference Work while you wait Life is meant to be lived with thought Relish the details Life will always improve Be willing to commit yourself to a course, perhaps a long and hard one Praise others for a job well done Everybody thinks differently Love yourself first and most Skill and confidence are an unconquerable army (George Herbert) Believe in the human race Barking dogs seldom bite If there is life, then there is hope When you love someone, you need to love both the good and bad Be happy We cannot do everything at once, but we can do something at once (Calvin Coolidge) Give people more than they expect— cheerfully A person must make his opportunity as often as he finds it All fiction is based on fact Having what you want and wanting what you have are the same thing There is a difference between news and gossip The best way to make something last is often to believe that it won’t Act constructively Love is blind Look through your heart concerning matters of love Let positive energy flow through you Kisses are meant to be returned Something not understood can still be useful Your mind makes life exciting or dull Banish the word cannot from your vocabulary Bad moods arrive unannounced Life is relative to the circumstances that surround you Don’t expect different results from the same behavior Doing the right thing is often painful People who stay in the middle of the road get run over Find inspiration in others Stop the busywork Think before you commit to something Industry keeps the body healthy, the mind clear, the heart whole, the purse full The ultimate measure of a man is where he stands at times of challenge and controversy Telling the truth is a brave act Understand why you do certain things Work with what you have To each his own Have passion for what you are doing When you follow your heart, life becomes joyful Time becomes more precious when there is less of it Get rid of all the extras Feel sorrow, but don’t sink under its oppression Follow your heart’s desire and it will lead you to great adventures Nothing is permanent except change Children learn more when learning is fun The bizarre can appear cool if it is in fashion Do not go through life without leaving some kind of positive mark Eat your honey, but stop when you’re full Never deprive someone of hope Keep your fingers crossed Learn an art where you cultivate beauty Everything has two sides Enjoy your successes while you are alive The best charity is justice to all Open yourself up to life’s infinite possibilities Do not be afraid of opposition Love the unknown A wise life is worth living Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits (Thomas Alva Edison) There is a key for every lock Reading a great book can be a creative experience Make simple a way of life Life is filled with sacrifices He who sows barley cannot gather wheat Be strong, but never brutal There is always more to know about everything Your imagination needs exercise and nourishment Noble gestures are as difficult as they are rare Happiness comes to those who are self-sufficient Life is a balancing act If you are upset and feel like venting your frustration, pour it out on paper Love should be guilt-free Refrain from envy Child rearing requires you to be willing to bend Don’t throw away the old bucket until you’re sure the new one holds water Debt is a hard taskmaster If you want to catch trout, don’t fish in a herring barrel A coming misfortune must be borne with patience Learn from other people’s mistakes Forever is a long time Do not hang all your clothes on one nail Pack light It takes a lot of loving to make a home Tackle fears one at a time Feet were made before wheels Love adds purpose to life More die of overfeeding than underfeeding Timing is everything You always help yourself by helping others Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, half shut afterward Even getting older takes some practice We are surrounded by others; we can choose to enjoy them or not You do not always have to leave home to take a vacation Better to have an end to misery than misery without end Try to waste as little of life as you can before you figure out what is really important Readiness is all Be open to experience new people A wise thing can be said in many different ways Be willing to shed parts of your previous life Nature can teach us much wisdom A wise person knows when a shortcut is actually a shortcut Only by risking going too far can you find out how far you can go Greatness is in the heart Let people know what you stand for and what you will not stand for Find out what you do best and stick with it When you’re angry, take a thirty- minute walk A day in the country adds a day to your life The best judge of an argument is time Count your blessings Anyone can be the subject of gossip Approach life as if it were a banquet Do not humiliate or ridicule a person in order to persuade him to change Be aware of what you are worried about and why You do not know how love will affect you before you fall in love Dependence on another is perpetual disappointment A fault denied is twice committed Every person is born with a talent Setting a good example is the best tool a parent can have in raising children History can be as ambiguous as the future If you hurry all the time, you hurry past all the good things in life Learn not to try too hard Good people can do bad things A good idea is usually risky Learning keeps a person young Be punctual Dreams can be valuable Wisdom can come in the form of a sudden revelation Take charge of your own destiny Most people do not know what they are missing in life until it is too late Find meaning in leisure Even the happiest people have down days Appreciate the questions as much as the answers Do not do anything just to say you did it Feel free to change your mind The best successes come after disappointments Love is the way to capture meaning in life Sometimes not getting what you want is a stroke of good luck Your inner self needs external nourishment It’s easier to remember the name of someone who has power than that of someone who does not Conceit is the most incurable disease known to the human soul Reveal your inner beauty Truly believing in yourself is a skill Even during tough times remember to be a nice person Purge unneeded information If you do not take advantage of an opportunity, then someone else will Replying well in conversation is just as important as listening well Appreciate yourself Love your neighbor Smile when in doubt Imagination rules the world Always do the groundwork The work is more important than the glory People condemn what they do not understand Never underestimate your power to change yourself Do what you would rather be doing Use your life to make something that will outlast it Alter self-defeating patterns Be tired of feeling tired Too many pains take away from too many pleasures Celebrate being alive The future changes everyone Like a child plays, a genius works Stop and think Busy people do not have the time to feel old Advertise truthfully Never give up your right to be wrong Grass feels better to bare feet Define for yourself what success is Help yourself Distrust interested advice (Aesop) You are as happy as you decide to be Tolerate ambiguity We outgrow most things before they are worn out Hold your vision of peace clearly in mind each day You can never guard against chance Take responsibility for your life A good feeling gets better when it is shared Never tire of life He who slings mud loses ground Everybody’s business is nobody’s business Do your job and demand your compensation—but in that order If you are worrying about dying, then you are not spending enough time living If it was easy to be successful, then everyone would be Deal with many of life’s biggest problems with laughter Keep a daily log of the wonders you experience Gardening is great exercise When you say no, mean no Good or bad, most things do not last long There are five enemies of peace: avarice, ambition, envy, anger, and pride (Ralph Waldo Emerson) Create from what you know Do your Christmas shopping early The end of something is actually a new beginning in disguise Play should never be work Innocence can only be taken away once Charity begins at home Think in clear thoughts Haste makes waste A person’s worth cannot be measured by a test Tell a good employee how much she is appreciated Success can bring envy A lie can never fix the truth Live out loud The better you do, the lower the profile you should keep When opportunity knocks, open the door Walk the opposite direction from imitation All that shines is not gold Aim high It is better to embrace a moment than it is to fear the moment passing Sometimes being alone is the best medicine Listen attentively No one can talk for more than five minutes without exposing the extent of his ignorance Do not delay acting on a good idea Friendship is a big part of one’s life Life means what you want it to There is always a light at the end of the tunnel Enjoy yourself Think why you are saying no before you say no Optimism is a great healing force Life is short Mind unemployed is mind unenjoyed Virtue is the fruit of life Own each day Show up for life Patronize local merchants Education makes darkness light It ain’t over till it’s over (Yogi Berra) Children act in the village as they have learned at home Keep your sense of wonder It takes one to know one Fair is fair We do not have to be perfect to live a spiritual life The pores of the mind should be left open to all impressions Listen much and speak little If you do not claim too much intelligence, people will give you credit for more than you have Influence begins with the parents and ends with the peers The things which hurt, instruct (Benjamin Franklin) Accentuate the positive Be a poor hater Little things can mean a lot To be without some of the things you want is an indispensable part of happiness (Bertrand Russell) Nothing is as easy as it looks If nothing went wrong, life would be pretty boring Many words can describe a simple thing Everything we do tells something about us Actions speak louder than words Face the realities of death and calamity; look at painful events squarely When you are down, surround yourself with friends who are up Look other people in the eye He climbs highest who helps another up Smile The secret to staying younger is living honestly, eating slowly, and just not thinking about your age (Lucille Ball) You have to pay a price for life’s rewards The life which is unexamined is not worth living (Plato) Everyone has a gift for something Natural abilities need pruning like natural plants Being alive is its own reward Put your house in order It takes great strength to be happy Do not press luck too far Great things are accomplished with passion Careless hurry may cause endless regret People’s best traits cannot be measured tangibly Health and happiness usually go together Love begins in the eyes, then quickly goes to the heart, and only sometimes ends up in the brain A roving eye misses opportunities close by Don’t bring up old wounds Stay faithful to yourself Face the music Take the road less traveled Be friendly and you will never want for friends There is no formula for living a happy life Take risks Wisdom is acquired when you want it to be There is no foreign language for laughter It is difficult to be happy when things are not going right, but not impossible Remember that relationships take time Age can teach contentment Do the day’s work You can have anything you want but you can’t have everything you want No matter where the body is, the mind can still be free It is part of the cure to wish to be cured Before you make a fuss, ask yourself first: is it worth it?

Paul is equally responsible for this collection, and I thank him for all of his contributions, his enthusiasm for this book, and his love. This book is dedicated to all those people wise enough to share their guidance and to those who have brought us those words in print and other media, especially the late Sally Kovalchick, my first editor at Workman. I would like to thank Jennifer Griffin for her terrific editing and Peter Workman for his support and for giving me the opportunity to publish this work.

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